• WeDelta is

    For Individuals.

    Your personal lifestyle changes.

    This is our way to directly help everyday people with personal changes.

    To Change Together.

    You don't have to do it alone.

    Yes, research backs up the Changing Together principle. But, more importantly, it's more fun and fulfilling than doing it alone.

    By Brain + Behavior Methods.

    We got you.

    We have an amazing neuroscientist, behavior designer, and creative director that create programs that fit your brain and behavior.

  • Consistent Change

    Example of what some people are changing together on . . .

    Meditating More

    Less distracted

    Stronger mind.

    Sleeping Earlier

    Less time wasted.

    Wake up more refreshed.

    Writing More

    Less about perfection.

    More about consistency.

    More or Less of . . .

    What do you want?

    Better time management?

    More consistency?

    Let us know . . .

  • How It Works



    Action Pod

    Change together with a small inspiring group of people focusing on the same change as you.


    Behavior Designer

    Have an expert trained behavior designer leading your Action Pod and guiding you to successful change in simple steps.



    Have a community of change makers sharing their wins, celebrating your wins, and inspiring each other.

  • What's it look like?

    Action Pod

    We find platforms that you want to use. For some, it's Facebook. For others, it's WhatsApp because they want to use Facebook less. It depends on what works for you.

    Behavior Designer Guidance

    A sentence or two describing this item.


    A sentence or two describing this item.

  • So, want to change together with WeDelta?

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