• So you want to go to bed earlier...

    But maybe you also don't?
    Because maybe being a Night Owl has felt very right for very long?
    We get it.

  • If you're ready to make a change to your sleep schedule, if more rest would make you

    a better version of you, we can make that

    a wide-awake reality for you.


    But it's a big behavior change. It's all about learned habits and biological circadian rhythms.

    There's a lot of inertia behind a sleeping pattern.

    Maybe some conflicting drives too.

    Until now, you may have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes.

    This means either . . .

    • Take your foot off the gas pedal.
    • Design for going to bed earlier.
    • Find the work-life balance that has eluded you.
    • Start loving your PM pillow.
    • We’ll help you get all the benefits from more sleep.


    • Take your foot off the brakes.
    • Call a truce between your late-night self and your early-morning self. 
    • Stop hating your AM alarm. 
    • We’ll help you stop wasting energy being tired and frustrated.

  • When you're making a conscious choice, you're already a winner!