• About Behavior Delta

    David Ngo


    David Ngo has been helping teams implement Behavior Design since 2011 when he first met BJ Fogg, PhD, at Stanford University. In 2016, he founded his second Behavior Design firm, Behavior Delta, to help teams apply Behavior Design effectively and ethically to facilitate positive change in people's lives. As a digital nomad, he brings Behavior Design across the globe.
    David is currently co-authoring the first ever public guides on the 7-Step Behavior Design process with BJ Fogg, PhD. In 2011, he also designed and created the world's first Behavior Design major program while he was at the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University.

    About BJ Fogg, PhD. and Behavior Design

    The core system used by Behavior Delta

    Developed by behavior scientist, BJ Fogg PhD, and his lab members at Stanford, Behavior Design is a system of original models (how to think about behavior) and methods (how to design for behavior change).


    Find out more about BJ Fogg and his training opportunities here.