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Behavior Delta is the only Behavior Design firm in the world.  It distinguishes itself as a high-level firm that offers proven methods for behavior change and innovation that can be immediately tested.


Using the behavior change model developed by eminent Stanford Behavior Scientist and Researcher, BJ Fogg, Behavior Delta works to innovate teams into a process of troubleshooting through Behavior Design to solve activation and retention challenges, while improving product performance. This “Design and Test” process facilitates progress by producing internally generated, context-relevant data at every stage of development. 


Behavior Delta thus works to offer startups, growing small businesses, and corporations across the globe specialized consulting based on simplicity, efficiency, and precision offered with the core methods of Behavior Design. 


To facilitate behavior change through innovation, and empower a growing collective of Behavior Design collaborators through the agency of Behavior Design and SnapTest Strategies.

Behavior Design Pioneer

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David began his deep dive into the field of Behavior Design when he pioneered the first and only Behavior Design major at Stanford University, which was guided under the mentorship of BJ Fogg.  David’s complete immersion of Behavior Design led to becoming a member at Stanford’s Persuasive Technology / Behavior Design Lab, where he continued to work closely with Dr. Fogg and other dedicated lab members / alumni.

Since 2010 he has been helping teams implement Behavior Design, and has dedicated his life to empowering those who want to design products or programs that effectively facilitate positive change in people's lives.

David Ngo

David Ngo is the Founder and CEO of Behavior Delta, the world’s only Behavior Design consulting firm.  He is the youngest SnapTest expert consulting in the world today, and is endorsed by behavior scientist and researcher BJ Fogg as “the #1 resource on SnapTesting.”



Author & Consultant

David’s ability to quickly and effectively implement Behavior Design showed such impressive results that it led to part-time work creating behavior change in real-life business scenarios. His continued proficiency earned him a closer collaboration with BJ, and an invitation to co-authoring a preemminent Behavior Design publication, which would ultimately become the 7-Part Behavior Design Expert Guide Series, How to Do Behavior Design. This led to yet another invitation by Dr. Fogg to collaborate on writing the very first SnapTest Expert Guide, and to co-train Bootcamp graduates in SnapTesting starting in 2017, to present.

Through Behavior Delta,  David continues to dedicate his life to helping facilitate positive behavior change through innovation. For him, helping businesses with behavior change isn’t simply business; he is personally invested in making sure his clients get results that empower them into future patterns of successful behaviors on both personal and professional levels.  

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Speaker & Trainer

David brings Behavior Design principles to teams across the globe to proliferate technologies that enable positive change.  As one of the few licensed and authorized speakers by BJ Fogg, David has spoken and engaged with members of the Real Madrid Business School (Madrid, Spain), Kyoto Design Lab (Japan), and led Behavior Design projects in Vancouver and Ottawa, Canada.


His recent speaking engagements include

  • SXSW (Austin, TX)

  • Digital Festival (Zurich, Switzerland)

  • Brown University (Providence, RI)

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston, USA) 

  • Samsung DevDay (Madrid, Spain)

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