• Behavior Design Audits

    We either audited the client's product or program experience through the Behavior Design system


    created design assets for the client to support their specific objective.


    Objective:X Segment Users do Y behavior within Z days.

    The innovation team needed a Behavior Design Audit to understand why specific results were not happening and what they could do about it. ​

    The client received a Behavior Design Audit with granular changes to test (previously at Simplicity Labs).

    Objective: New users do X within 5 minutes.

    Based on their data, the Noom PM knew exactly what is the most impactful behavior to design for that would mean successful activation and long-term retention of their customers.

    The client received a set of Behavior Design recommendations to test (previously at Simplicity Labs).

    Objective: More customers purchase Y option.

    This social impact carwash wanted a behavior design audit for their new location opening from the entrance, to the signage, colors, pre-wash, during wash, post-wash, to the exit.

    The client received an audit and set of simple experiments to test increase of conversion rate of Y option.

    Objective: X Audience does Y behavior because Z deliverable is designed in a visually and psychologically appealing way.

    CEO/President Andrew Kowalczyk and partners needed a specific deliverable to be designed by us.

    The CEO heard from one of our clients that a deliverable that we designed contributed an additional $400,000 to our client.

    Objective: X Segment Users do Y Behavior.

    This conscious tech startup wanted behavior design and neuroscience to be a core part of their process and values. ​​

    The client received visual and video design assets, literature reviews, evidence-based content, facilitation, and executive coaching.

    Objective: X Segment Users upgrade to paying subscribers.

    This yoga technology company needed behavior design insight into their product as to why their retention was Y and what changes they could test to get retention to Z.

    The client received a half-day workshop, user research, and recommendations backed by behavior design framework + user research.

    Objective: Design trends in e-commerce companies.

    Partner Gus Tai* wanted a Behavior Design lens for a few of his portfolio companies.

    Gus and the Trinity Ventures partners received a design trends deck, popular apps amongst X demographic, and audits for select portfolio companies (previously David Ngo as an independent consultant).

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