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COVID-19 response by Behavior Delta and Partners

Behavior Delta has allocated resources toward solving three

COVID-19 problems affecting organizations now and beyond.

1. How can we procure PPE in large quantities now from verified suppliers?

2. How can we protect our students, teachers, employees, and customers now and beyond?

3.  How can we support at-risk populations like isolated seniors and employees with autism?

1. PPE Procurement

The global supply chain of PPE is broken by scammers on both sell and buy-side.

Organizations are having difficulty procuring essential PPE like gloves, masks, and gowns.

Applying our expertise and partnerships, we're able to bring efficiency, security, and affordable pricing.

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2. What's next

How do we protect our students, teachers, staff, employees, and customers? 

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3. At-risk senior populations and the underserved 

What can we do to help the at-risk senior population, employees with autism, and other underserved populations?

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The Solution: 

We've secured a network of verified suppliers, including our key veteran-owned supplier that's been supplying the US Government and Department of Defense for over 30 years (and counting). 

Technology that destroys the virus that causes COVID-19 

The Solution: 

We've identified a patented technology and partner where you can protect any surface (masks, clothing, seats, etc). 

For example, this allows reusable masks to be even more protective, helping the sustainability problem of disposables.

If you work in: 
Hospitals, schools, apparel, automobile, airlines, restaurants you'll most likely hear about this now (or later). 

Please contact us via the form below. 

The Solution: 

Behavior Delta has always prioritized clients who want to use Behavior Design that helps people live happier and healthier lives. 

We're grateful for the current opportunities to:

  • innovate with a well-known Foundation to help at-risk seniors during this time of isolation;

  • behavior design organization culture for continuous learning in a social impact company spearheading a gold standard of inclusivity with 75% of employees on the autism spectrum.

Do you want to use Behavior Design to help underserved or at-risk populations?

Please contact us via the form below. 

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