• Engagement Projects

    Getting the target person(s) to do the initial actions (activation)


    getting the target person(s) to use the product/program more often (retention).


    Objective: X Segment Users does Y behavior more quickly.

    The Product Manager and his team needed the behavior design process to clarify what are the most effective and efficient behaviors to design for to reach their activation objective.

    The client received a half-day workshop that resulted in saving hundreds of engineering hours and about seven meetings for seven people.

    Objective: X Segment Users set up their product within 24 hours of receiving the product.

    The innovation team saw that they needed insight and strategy ​on activating a specific client segment.

    The client received strategy calls and behavior-design personas to achieve the objective.

    Objective: New customers engage with the virtual community and practice what they learn in the online course.

    The new healthcare team knew that the community needed to be designed in a way that was authentic, supportive, and effective at prompting people to engage with the online course.

    The client received strategy calls, evidence-based playbook of techniques, snaptesting the group, training facilitators to run the community.

    Objective: Behavior Design from the very beginning

    The C-Suite of this new meditation technology company wanted to make sure the had the behavior design component locked in as they brought their new idea into fruition.

    The client received strategy calls, remote workshops, and design assets to ensure Behavior Design was a core component of the product development process.

    Objective: X Segment Users upgrade to paying subscribers.

    This yoga technology company needed behavior design insight into their product as to why their retention was Y and what changes they could test to get retention to Z.

    The client received a half-day workshop, user research, and recommendations backed by behavior design framework + user research.

    Objective: Trial users upgrade to paying subscribers.

    This wellness tech startup needed behavior design driven recommendations that they could test to increase activation and retention.

    The client received a deck of insight and specific product changes (from David's work at Simplicity Labs).

    Objective: X Segment Users use the product more than they are.

    This EdTech non-profit, directed by Neeru Khosla, wanted behavior design insight and recommendations as to what they could do to increase retention.

    The client received bi-weekly strategy meetings, specific changes to test, and user research.

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