• Idea to Pilot Projects

    These are the projects that we had the privilege

    to be part of since the beginning (or pivot) and see them grow to their pilot stage.


    Here's a special section for them.

    1st Mobile Meditation Center in California

    First-time founder and solo entrepreneur client wanted expertise in getting her idea off the ground all the way to pilot.

    The client received a half-day Behavior Design workshop, two in-person snaptests, product design strategy, social media content/management, crowdfunding, and executive coaching.


    Conscious Tech Startup

    Client focused on solving tech "addition"

    Client received hi-fi mocks, animations, evidence-based content, custom training, and executive coaching.

    Web-Pivot-to-Mobile Meditation Tech Startup

    Client wanted to get Behavior Design right

    Client received remote Behavior Design session, design consulting, test consulting, and executive coaching.


    (Still in Private Beta 2018)

  • Idea-to-Pilot Project?

    If you are just starting, tell us about it.