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    These projects are generally NDA heavy, but we want to share as much as we can with you.

    Objective: Behavior Design (Engagement) for the first wearable for good.

    SVP Rajesh Anandan + his team initially wanted a Behavior Design Audit; then additionally activation, retention, and user research.

    (Our founder David Ngo worked with UNICEF as co-founder of former firm Simplicity Labs (dissolved) and afterward as an independent consultant).

    Objective: Engage millennials.

    Really can't say more than that.

    (Our founder David Ngo worked with NBC News as part of Simplicity Labs, his former, dissolved firm).

    Objective: Behavior Design for heavy R&D B2B digital product.

    Additionally, brought Behavior Design into innovation culture and marketing team.

    (Our founder David Ngo worked with PB as an independent consultant prior.)

    Objective: Support parents in their child's education

    Really can't say more than that, but you can see the testimonial below.
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