• Behavior Design Training on Method #7:
    Snaptesting for Teams

    Learn, practice, and accelerate getting the psychology right by Snaptesting

    Snaptesting is about testing the psychology behind an idea or behavior in 4 hours of work or less (Method #7 of Behavior Design).


    TEAM training (up to five colleagues)


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  • You've realized there's a behavior change problem.

    What's next?

    Additional Behavior Design support that I can give . . .


    Problem: are we doing B.Design right?

    Solution: BD Office Hours​ (GROUP)


    Once a month, we meet LIVE on Zoom together with one to two other teams for 90 minutes.

    I'll help consult, coach, and troubleshoot any Behavior Design challenge for you and your team (up to 5 team members).

    Problem: what are the low-hanging fruits?

    Solution: Behavior Design Audit


    Together, we identify one (1) key moment (behavior) that unlocks the next level of engagement for your solution.


    Then, I'll do an audit and provide specific recommendations for your team to quickly test (and/or or Snaptest).

    Problem: we want private, light consulting

    Solution: Asynchronous Audio Only


    You submit between 1 to 4 questions per month.


    I'll reply and answer in an audio recording (only) asynchronously within two business days.




    We spend a lot of time talking and debating, but can't reach group consensus on what to priorities to focus on because we get stuck in abstractions (not specific behaviors).


    Solution: BD "Define" Session

    Online or onsite, I can help your team reach group consensus on what specific behaviors to focus on and in what prioritized order based on the highest impact for your project in a 1-hour LIVE session and about 1-hour of prep work for your team.


    You and your team (up to 12 people) select one specific aspiration or measurable outcome for a project.



    We know what specific behaviors to solve for, but we're getting stuck and locked on one potential solution to make it happen

    (instead of exploring multiple options).


    Solution: BD "Design" Session

    Virtually, I can help your team design multiple, potential solutions (in behavior terms) so that they are ready to be tested. Each team member will design one potential solution during a 1-hour LIVE session and about 1-hour of prep work for your team.


    You and your team (up to 12 people) select one specific aspiration or measurable outcome for a project and one specific behavior.



    We want a dedicated Behavior Designer on our project team that so we can get regular expert support.

    (instead of a la carte services)


    Solution: Monthly BD Retainer

    Virtually and/or onsite, we setup regular weekly or bi-weekly meetings so that Behavior Design becomes part of your team's core work flow.


    You're confident that you're integrating and implementing Behavior Design effectively, efficiently, and ethically with me on retainer.


    Monthly deliverables are agreed upon engaging.


  • What fits your project and team needs?

    Email me if you have any questions: david@behaviordelta.com