“Simplicity changes behavior”@dngoo talking about Behavior Design at #sdd2018 pic.twitter.com/b9dcBgBUmO

— Abdallah Aberouch (@aberouch) November 22, 2018

Our best people B =MAP #SDD18 @dngoo@SamsungEspana #SamsungDevSpain #SamsungDevDay pic.twitter.com/EcistFX4mI

— david pinzon (@DavidPinzonMK) November 22, 2018

Must-have info for nonprofits creating behavior change for health, enviro animal and other issues. Talk by @dngoo based on the work of @bjfogg. Thanks to @ActionDesignDC and @livesafe for arranging and hosting. pic.twitter.com/1DpkipI4LS

— Priority Visuals (@PriorityV) April 3, 2018

"Problem: The user doesn’t perform the behavior you’re hoping for." @dngoo founder of Behavior Delta @MITX #MITXDesignTech pic.twitter.com/yfUSpt31oj

— Connelly Partners (@ConnellyAgency) April 5, 2018

Designing to Influence Human Behavior in Impactful and Positive Ways https://t.co/p2qO9Tbtwt via @dngoo + @unreasonable

— Will Butler (@william_butler2) March 26, 2018

David Ngo (@dngoo), Founder of Behavior Delta will share the essential tools for facilitating behavior change & shaping customer behavior at #MITXDesignTech April 5th! Register now: https://t.co/uQMwjpQBrS pic.twitter.com/ae6pAN7FQi

— MITX (@MITX) March 20, 2018