• Workshops

    These clients wanted key members of their company (or entire company)

    to receive a private, tailored workshop


    Objective: Use behavior design to help people get healthy.

    Former CEO Payal, VP of Pricing, & Senior Designer wanted to get trained in Behavior Design.

    Objective: We want a shared language and process to design for behavior change (to impact space + culture design)

    Invite-Only Leadership team received a tailored 2-day training in Behavior Design.

    Objective: We want our UX team to be trained in Behavior Design so we’re doing it (Behavior Design) correctly and ethically.

    Objective: "I want my team to think in this way and to believe that this way of working is possible.”

    Founder CEO Eileen Murphy wanted her company retreat to have a tailored 1-day training focused on a specific mindset shift.

    Within 24 hours, the team solved their #1 business killer in 140 minutes, deployed it live by the end of the week, and CEO Eileen Murphy closed two new district clients the following week because of sharing a key Behavior Design insight.

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