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Behavior Delta is the world's best Snaptest, Behavior Design, & AI firm, applying evidence-based methods and AI/ML analysis trained on billions of data points to competitively support across all stages of behavior change innovation: from vision to reality and scaling beyond with bespoke AI/ML/BE IP.

Founded and led by David Ngo, creator of the world’s first Behavior Design major program at Stanford University, and mentored by BJ Fogg, PhD, founder of Behavior Design, Behavior Delta has been troubleshooting challenges and improving innovation and engagement for startups, small businesses, and corporations globally since 2011.


Inception of Behavior Design Consulting


Billion Data Points Trained for AI/ML Analysis Modelmarket

We have a process, not a formula.

David Ngo

CEO of Behavior Delta (the World’s leading Snaptest Specialist)

Change isn’t just optional — it’s your growth catalyst. We’re here to guide you through it with precision. Guided by David Ngo, a pioneer endorsed by the esteemed BJ Fogg, David helps teams implement Behavior Design to empower businesses and facilitate positive change in people's lives.

The people behind
Behavior Delta

Behavior Delta is not just faces, we’re people at the pulse of progress. This team of doers drives into the heart of your problem using proven methods and innovation to help you unlock behavior change at scale.

UX Researchers

Discovering insights that shape seamless experiences.

UI Visual Product Designers

Crafting solutions that redefine user engagement.

Analytics & Growth Experts

Unveiling data-driven paths to success.

AI/ML Data Scientists

Pioneering AI solutions for cutting-edge impact.

Senior Behavior Designers

Delivering the core competitive advantage

Software Engineers

Bringing behavior + designs to life securely and at scale

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“Behavior Delta’s work unlocked a simplified and more impactful user journey and it’s already improving engagement in Whil’s rapidly growing member base. I highly recommend them.”

Joe Burton

Founder & CEO Whil

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