• What is Behavior Design?

    Behavior Design is a new approach to understanding human behavior

    and how to design solutions for behavior change.

    Pioneered by BJ Fogg, PhD

    Behavior scientist and innovator from Stanford University

    Driven forward in industry and at the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford

    (Now in transition to be known as the Behavior Design Lab)

  • Are you designing for the right thing?

    Aspirations v.s. Habits

    Most teams are designing for aspirations (when in fact you want to solve for habits).

  • About Behavior Delta Founder: David Ngo

    David Ngo is the 1st Behavior Design graduate from Stanford University, former member of BJ Fogg's Behavior Design Lab,

    and co-author with Fogg on a seven part Expert Guide Series: How to Do Behavior Design.


  • What makes Behavior Delta unique?

    We use a Behavior Design method called Snaptesting.
    Snaptesting is about quickly testing the psychology behind your idea(s).
    Increase the likelihood of success of the overall solution driving repeat behavior change.
    Target Metrics:

    By the time we test 20 ideas,

    your solution will have a 64% chance of successful repeat behavior change.


    By the time we test 50 ideas,

    the solution spikes to 92% chance of successful repeat behavior change*


    *Success is not defined by repeat behavior change, but it is the most common request of our clients.

    • We have the #1 resource on Snaptesting

    • We gather behavioral data from real tests to inform our UI/UX design work
    •  Project leaders are trained in Behavior Design by BJ Fogg, have taught others, and are expert practitioners
  • Maximize the Chance of Success
    for your Behavior Change Solution.

    with Behavior Delta