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"The CEO of Behavior Delta is one of the best behavior designers in industry... and the best in Snaptesting."

BJ Fogg

Director of Behavior Design Lab

Stanford University

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What is
Behavior Delta

Behavior Delta is the world's best Snaptest, Behavior Design, & AI firm, applying evidence-based methods and AI/ML analysis trained on billions of data points to competitively support across all stages of behavior change innovation: from vision to reality and scaling beyond with bespoke AI/ML/BE IP.

Founded and led by David Ngo, creator of the world’s first Behavior Design major program at Stanford University, and mentored by BJ Fogg, PhD, founder of Behavior Design, Behavior Delta has been troubleshooting challenges and improving innovation and engagement for startups, small businesses, and corporations globally since 2011.

David Ngo

CEO of Behavior Delta


Inception of Behavior Design Consulting


Billion Data Points Trained for AI/ML Analysis Model

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Our Services

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Short term services

Quick Breakthrough

Behavior Design Training

To Upskill Team + Add New Org Competency

Transform your team or organization’s approach to thinking and designing solutions that impact human behavior change. Get trained directly by the founder of Behavior Design, BJ Fogg, and David Ngo, founder of Behavior Delta.

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Behavior Design Workshops & Keynotes

To Build Success Momentum & Team Alignment

Spark innovation, and drive success through expert-guided workshops and engaging keynotes by certified senior behavior designers.

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Behavior Engagement Audit

Uncover Growth Opportunities

Uncover growth and engagement opportunities from our comprehensive analysis by a group of experts in Behavior Design, UI Design, UX Design, and our AI/ML model trained on 101+ billion data points.

Are you ready to enhance user engagement and uncover growth opportunities through a Behavior Engagement Audit?

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Long-term cooperation


Behavior Driven UI & User Experience Design

Elevate User Experience and Ignite Engagement

From Leadership to final delivery of research and UI/UX designs, we seamlessly integrate behavior design insights with an attention for on retention and growth loops.

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Bespoke AI/ML/BE Intellectual Property

Forge a New Path with Custom AI, ML, and BE Intellectual Property Solutions

From Leadership to delivery, we can forge together competitive advantages for your organization with Custom AI, ML, and BE (Behavior Engine) Intellectual Property for processes, operations, and in-product AI/ML features for any key metrics in sales, operations, and product.

Confidential FinTech Company that Serves Users Working at:

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Propel Your Testing Approach with Context-Rich Data

Add another testing approach with a cutting-edge framework enriched by behavioral science and gain a competitive edge in faster learning cycles. Bolster Behavior-Driven Decision Making and Org Culture by adding another layer of behavior testing and data collection.

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Arianna Huffington

Founder & CEO Thrive Global

“We retained Behavior Delta during a critical time in our product roadmap, and I’m very glad we did. 

Behavior Delta worked to improve our product engagement and help more people Thrive. I hope our experience will help other teams work with Behavior Delta to accelerate their product outcomes and positively impact people's lives”

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