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Are we obligated to share a public testimonial or agree to be a case study when working with Behavior Delta?

No, there's absolutely no obligation to go public with your experience with us. We respect our clients' privacy and confidentiality. For instance, in our FinTech case study, all praise is anonymous and strategically directed to prevent tracing back to specific companies. While some of our clients who are publicly-traded multinational companies have agreed to serve as references, they were restricted from sharing public testimonials. Your privacy is our priority, and we work flexibly to accommodate your preferences in how your success story is—or isn't—told.

David Ngo, CEO

Do we have to be a known brand to work with Behavior Delta?

No, you don't need to be a household name to collaborate with us. Some of the brands you see featured in our case studies are well-known now, but they weren't when we first partnered with them. We've supported a diverse range of companies, from startups to lesser-known enterprises, helping them to achieve success using Behavior Design. We focus on showcasing only well-known brands in our case studies due to limited space and to make an immediate impact on our visitors. However, this doesn't mean we're exclusive to big names—our doors are open to organizations of all sizes that are committed to creating a positive impact for the lives of their customers.

David Ngo, CEO

Do we have to be a technology company to work with Behavior Delta and apply Behavior Design?

Not at all. In fact, we find a strong strategic value and alignment in working with businesses that are integrating technology as a competitive edge rather than as a core function. Whether you're in traditional finance, construction or any other sector, our multidisciplinary team serves as your trusted advisors, leaders, and implementation specialists. We help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that cutting edge technology brings, all through the lens of Behavior Design.

David Ngo, CEO